Sometimes an authority on a subject could also be wrong

It is an accepted fact that psychoanalysis owes its existence and creation to Sigmund Freud. He is the one who has had the greatest cultural influence in the twentieth century. He has inspired many a person to take up psychoanalysis as a career. Patrick Mahony is one such person who has subsequently gained fame not only as a psychoanalyst but also as an author of repute. He acknowledges his success in the field to Sigmund Freud through one of his much acclaimed works, “Psychoanalysis and Discourse”. He opines that all psychoanalysts should take pride in the achievements of Sigmund Freud. He also opines that he feels privileged as well as burdened with the fact that the founder of this branch of psychology was such a towering figure. He explains his opinion saying that he is privileged because if Sigmund Freud was not such a known personality, then the branch of psychoanalysis would hardly have been so widespread and that they would not have had the feeling of being analyzed minutely. At the same time he feels burdened because it is considered a sort of a sacrilegious activity to challenge the findings of Sigmund Freud as the psychoanalytic theory differs vastly from psychoanalytic practice.


He is also of the view that psychoanalysis is still in its infancy and much research has to be conducted which is in contrast to what is promulgated by Sigmund Freud. Hence he has found it difficult to explain to people that old distortions have to be corrected and new truths have to be discovered, including those about Freud as a writer. This belief of Patrick Mahony has not gone down well with his peers as many of them still consider Sigmund Freud to be an authority on the subject of psychoanalysis though Patrick himself has never disputed this fact.