Play Mega Drill Online on Juegos Friv

Mega Drill on juegos friv is a deep drilling two-dimension pixel art game developed by Small is Beautiful Interactive. Upgrade your game, and drill down into the earth to find good treasures. The deal is simple; you have 25 weeks to gather enough money to buy the boat of your dream.

Game overview

According to Russian geologist, the deepest hole with 12,262 meters hasn’t been reached yet. But, Mega Drill seems to be the only game that is able to beat the depth. Because the game has heat resistant alloy and features high-end technology, you don’t have to worry about the high pressure and temperature inside earth. The rocks inside the mantle are dense; the high density can break the head of the drill. In that case, you must make sure that the drill head does not break so that you reach your target.

Player objective

Your objective is to dig deeper and deeper and deeper. You have only 25 weeks to complete this mission. You have to pick and accumulate any treasures that you can find. Use the treasures to upgrade your Mega Drill. An upgraded Mega Drill is powerful enough to advance into the earth’s crust. And, try to delve much deeper because the deeper you go, the greater your reward.


The gameplay is straightforward. Guide your drill to the treasures, and make sure you don’t deplete your fuel or reach maximum pressure. As you start, you will only steer your drill left and or right, but as you upgrade your drill, you will be able to buy boosts to make your drill mechanically powerful.


  • The Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard are for steering the drill.
  • Use the up arrow key to burn nitro. Note that you must upgrade your Mega Drill to use this function.
  • The Left Mouse Button will launch Mechanical Mole.