One can use VPN’s for accessing blocked servers

Internet has revolutionized the way people watch movies and other online content. Nowadays excellent video streaming sites are available in practically every country in the world. One such popular video streaming site in the United States is Netflix. The company boasts a wide viewership and has more than fifty million subscribers all over the United States. It has become an addiction of sorts for people to ne hooked on to the Netflix servers for watching their favourite programs. Netflix has put geographical restrictions in place meaning that one cannot access the Netflix servers if one is residing outside the United States. How do they manage to do that? They use a simple technique known as Geo Blocking which means that people from specific geographical regions are blocked from accessing their servers. Now the question which would come to mind is how can they determine the region from where the user is trying to access the site? Every computer has a unique address known as the Internet Protocol address (IP address) which is usually a 10 or 11 digit code assigned to each device accessing the internet.


In spite of this Geo Blocking, is there any method by which one residing outside the United States can access the Netflix servers? The answer is “Yes”. Internet has a solution to this problem too. Through the use of a Virtual Private Network or as it is usually referred to as VPN Netflix can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The idea is to find a VPN located in the United States and use that VPN to access Netflix. This would trick the Netflix server into believing that the user is from the United States as long as they see an IP address from within the United States. This proves that there is a solution in the Internet for every problem.