Can I give a mixology event or product as a gift?

The holiday season is right upon us, and while that may mean you have your hands full attending and planning a number of events, it doesn’t mean you have to pull your hair out finding the right gifts for friends, coworkers, and loved ones.

Do you know someone who loves to make unique drinks when entertaining at home? Consider getting him or her a ticket for a mixology class so that he or she can select a time of their choosing to learn some neat techniques while having fun.

Perhaps you’re looking for something classic and unique for someone who might not be ready to take a class, or for someone who has already taken a class and knows the basics. The perfect gift could be a gorgeously crafted cocktail kit that looks great at any bar type, big or small.

Most of the basic utensils needed to make an extra-special cocktail include a Boston tin, Boston glass, Hawthorne strainer, bar spoon, muddler, and a pour spout. At an incredibly affordable price, there is no reason not to consider a selection of these as a beautiful gift for a friend or loved one.

To really spice things up, consider hosting a mixology events with trained mixologists, either at your location or offsite, and you can even give attendees their very own cocktail kit to take home. For special events like weddings that you may be gifting to family members, hiring and paying for a mixologist is a way to take the burden off a new couple and make sure they have a night to remember. This holiday season give your crew the gift of the art of cocktails, whether in products, as a class, or just by having a stellar party!