Absent Employees affect your Company Greatly

Are you really aware of the severity of an employee missing excessive amounts of work? If not, you could be causing your business a lot of unnecessary grief and headache, and may even cause profits to drop. Yes, employee absenteeism affects a company greatly, and there not things that you want to happen. Here we will take a look at just how those missed days affect your company.

How does employees missing work affect your company?

  1. Reduces Productivity: You hired the employee because you need them, and when they’re not there, reduced productivity is just one disadvantage.
  2. Employee Resentment: Have you considered the feelings of your other employees? They may feel as if you are giving special treatment to this employee, become envious of their extra leniency, and become upset that they must pick up the extra slack on the days that employee chooses not to come to work.
  3. Loss of Profits: Your Company is in business to make money, and because each employee is such an important part of the company, when they miss and productivity is reduced, so too the profits diminish. Is it worth holding on to an employee that costs your company more money in the long run?
  4. Poor Performance: An employee who misses work on a frequent basis is also apt to have poor performance. Poor performance also greatly affects your company, and is not something that you will want to deal with.

These are just some of the many ways that employees affect the company when they miss work. To reduce lost time, use an employee attendance tracker. An employee attendance tracker is an excellent tool that makes it simple to keep track of employee’s time this tracker reduces the disadvantages listed above and ensures better productivity for your company.